8 Easy RV Upgrades That Make A Big Difference But Will Not Break The Bank

8 Easy RV Upgrades That Make A Big Difference But Will Not Break The Bank

We’ve compiled a list of RV upgrades that will not only help you preserve your RV’s value, but will also help you prepare for your fall/winter travels. The autumn and winter are great times for upgrading your RV since many parts and accessories are on clearance after being shown over the summer.

8 Awesome RV Upgrades for 2023:

1. A New Shower Head:

Just because you’re travelling in an RV doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your shower.  Chances are the standard shower head that came with your RV leaves a little something to be desired when it comes to water flow and pressure. Install the Oxygenics Handheld Shower (around $40) for a much improved experience.  The Oxygenics shower head mixes water with air to turn low water pressure into a nice shower with great pressure no matter where you’re staying –off grid or at an RV park. It also uses less water. Water consumption is about 1.5 gallons/min on high and a little less than .75 on low.

2. Keyless Door Lock:

If you’re looking for added security and the convenience of not worrying about carrying keys, the LATCH.IT Keyless Door Lock for RV (around $199) is for you.

3. Back-Up Camera:

If you purchased an older RV model, it may not have a back-up camera.  Most experienced RV drivers will tell you this is an investment they don’t regret.  It makes parking and interstate driving much easier, helps eliminate blind spots, and allows the driver to see surroundings from all angles.

4. RVAC Soft Starter:

If you’re gearing up for travel to some warm weather destinations or plan to go off grid, a SoftStarter (around $269) will allow you to run your AC on less power and prolong the life of your RV A/C system. Available for RLA ratings of 9A and 9.1A-16A.

5. Extra Hooks:

You can never have enough hooks in the shower for wet towels and bathing suits and even laundry that needs extra dry time.  For under ten dollars, these waterproof hooks look great and get the job done.  They’re a no-brainer.

6. Push Lights:

At night, it can be difficult to see in the nether regions of your RV.  Light dimly-lit corners and spaces with push lights for convenience (and to prevent toe stubbing when in search of a late night snack).  They’re easy to install and battery powered.

7. Sink Cover:

Maximize your kitchen workspace with a sink cover.  It doubles as a serving tray and cutting board, looks great, and fits most RV sinks.  RV kitchens are notorious for lacking prep space.  This affordable addition creates a sturdy and stylish work area.

8. Shower Rod Extension:

Elbow room can mean the difference between a good shower and a great shower.  Extend-A-Shower creates more room in your RV’s shower and folds out of the way when not in use with no tools required. It’s also great for hanging wet towels or bathing suits over the shower pan to dry.  Your shower will feel larger with a nominal investment. Taller travelers will definitely appreciate the splurge!

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