Enjoy Your Boat’s Chiller / A.C. Using A Small Generator

The RVAC Solutions Marine Soft Starter is designed to reduce Air Conditioners’ current demand by up to 75%. That means you can run a marine chiller / marine AC unit on a residential plug or small generator, or 2 AC Units on a 30 Amp service! That also means no more loud noises, flickering lights, or mechanical stress on the motor and on the attached power cables and electrical delivery network, thus extending the life of your system. 

Light, small, and easy-to-install Marine Soft Starts for worry-free, relaxing, and smooth journeys!

  • Reduces the inrush current by up to 75%
  • Run One AC unit using a 20-amp service, household hookup, or small generator
  • Run up to Two AC units using a 30-amp hookup.
  • Run AC off solar/inverter
  • Reduces light flickering and the noise that AC compressor makes at startup.

Don’t tie yourself down to shoreside hookups anymore!

Your comfort and enjoyment are priorities in your home away from home no matter the season.  Backed by over decades of design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise, RVAC Solutions offers American-made solutions that provide affordable and reliable recreational products to fit your needs. A leading manufacturer of Soft Start for Marine Air Conditioners and other electronic appliances, that arrive ready to install with a complete kit and instructions. Free technical support is included.

About Us

RVAC is an RV/Marine-focused company that specializes in products that helps its customers engage in recreational hobbies comfortably and worry-free. We are a leading manufacturer of Soft Start for Marine Air Conditioners and Soft Starters intended for RV, commercial and residential use, thus resolving several significant issues and helping the electronic appliances work smoothly.

Feel Cool & Refreshed, Anytime, Anywhere,
without Trading Off Power Needs!


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